I offer many different services to meet the needs of your manuscript. I also work closely with authors to help produce the best possible manuscript you can create and have ready to submit for publication consideration. Please bear in mind that I make no guarantees that your book will be published, but I can help you get it as ready as it can be.

  • Manuscript Evaluation: I offer an overall eval of your work and provide a detailed "report" for your use. I address elements such as plot development, character development, narrative/dialogue styles, the book's "hook," author voice and overall strengths and weaknesses. With my detailed notes, you have comprehensive feedback and a place to go when considering possible revision before submission.
  • Content Editing: With content editing, I go through the manuscript and thoroughly analyze the content, writing comments and suggestions in the margins of the work itself. I look for all of the elements mentioned in the manuscript eval, but zero in on the nuts and bolts of the piece, offering viable suggestions to help in areas where the plot may be weak, where story sequencing may be an issue, characterization problems, word choice, etc. A content edit does not consider grammar issues or writing style except in overall observations.
  • Line Editing: With a line edit, I go through the manuscript and pay particular attention to semantics involving punctuation and grammar, word choice, etc. This is a service that offers a good, thorough clean-up before submission.
  • Copy Editing and Proofing: I offer copy editing and proofreading as a service that several clients have used as the final step before publishing electronically, especially on an Indie basis. This looks for any small errors that may have slipped through the cracks and cleans up any lingering problems right before you're ready to put the book online.
  • Research: I am a meticulous and thorough researcher. I utilize a multitude of resources to provide a comprehensive, detailed body of research for the author who is prohibited by time or perhaps just needs some extra help gathering facts.
  • Ghost Writing: I offer ghost writing services on select projects and would need to consider the topic and time involvement to see if we would be a good fit. Please feel free to contact me with proposals.